Both of our identically equipped OB vans fulfil these requirements. Furthermore, they do not lose sight of future developments.

The vehicles are not only the most modern but also the only vans of this type in Germany. Each OB  van provides our customers with the following function spaces:

Main control roomwith 3 to 4 workstations
Sound production room  with 2 workstations
Image/video engineering with 4 workstations
Editing / control room 1 with 2 to 3 workstations
Control room 2with 3 to 5 workstations

Special attention was paid to the coupling of the two vehicles. Both production units can be easily and quickly connected via simple interfaces.

For operating an outside broadcast van, only a 63 A CEE and a 32 A CEE connection is required. 

Since their completion – October 2009 - both outside OB vans have been successfully used for productions of the 2. Bundesliga and also for various single events.

compact high number of workstations requiring little space and with low power consumption.
efficient high cost-effectiveness with cost benefit for our customers.
flexibledue to the vehicles’ size production sites, which are normally not accessible by larger vans, can be easily reached. Technical flexibility and existing resources allow for extensive productions.
effectivestate-of-the-art equipment and intelligent system architecture permit manifold solution concepts.

The two corresponding Support vans have an additional function room with 5 further workstations.

We are setting new standards for the future!